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Berapakah Harga setiap produk Shaklee


Shaklee Product Retail Price List

To buy Shaklee products, you can refer to the list of retail prices for Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak. As Shaklee does not have a stockist, the products are only available at Shaklee branches and independents authorized distributor (like us). 
Note: Effective from 1st February 2014, the product pricing for Sabah and Sarawak to be same as Peninsular Malaysia.
NoProduct DescriptionSizePeninsular Malaysia, RMSabah & Sarawak, RM
1Advance Joint Health60125.00125.00
2Alfalfa Complex(S)33053.7553.75
3Alfalfa Complex(L)70097.5097.50
6Chewable Vita-C 100mg9037.5037.50
7Collagen Powder15 sht298.00298.00
8CoQHealth Plus30124.00124.00
9DTX Complex90155.00155.00
10Energizing Soy Protein(Canister)850g150.00150.00
11Garlic Complex6047.5047.50
12GLA Complex6091.2591.25
13Herb-Lax Tablets12052.5052.5
15Meal Shake – French Vanilla544g113.75113.75
19Peppermint-Ginger Plus9045.0045.00
20Performance- Orange539g82.5082.50
22Sustained Release Vita-C 500mg18092.5092.50
23Vita-E Complex120149.00149.00
24Vita-Lea Iron Formula12088.7588.75
27Cinch Energy Mix28 sticks131.00131.00
28Cinch Shake Mix (Canister) – CafĂ© Latte15sv173.00173.00
29Cinch Shake Mix (Canister) – Chocolate15sv173.00173.00
30Cinch Shake Mix (Canister) – Vanilla15sv173.00173.00
31Basic H Organic Super Cleaning Concentration16oz46.0046.00

Want to enjoy Shaklee product at cheaper price? 

You can contact or SMS Jasmine at 0175297665for detail. Now you can directly BUY ONLINE or you can place order from us by clicking “Order”. We will deliver directly to your door with a flat rate of RM10 for Peninsular Malaysia and RM20 for Sabah & Sarawak.

Shaklee is offically recognised as Number 1 Natural Nutrition Company in the US

  • Has the longest history(since 1915)
  • Invented the first multivitamin in the world
  • State of the art technology and research facilities
  • Pioneer in environmental conservation

Changing Brands Can Change Your Life! 

Shaklee Muar : 012-994-4503

Landmark Dietary Supplement Study

Shaklee has more published studies proving the effectiveness of their products, many done by third party laboratories. AND the number continues to grow. Just this year alone, Shaklee has published 3 clinical studies. That is more than the total number of clinical studies many nutritional companies have published.
A landmark study—tthe first ever on a rare population of long-term dietary supplement users*— showed that people who took Shaklee supplements had markedly better health than both multivitamin and non-supplement users.
 shaklee muar : 012-994-4503

Shaklee 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason a Shaklee Product is not satisfactory, return it to us or any Shaklee’s Branches for exchange or full refund.
If our products are not the best they can be — and the best you can buy — what else matters?
So if you don’t experience the desired results from a Shaklee nutritional, personal care, or household product, you may return the unused portion for a 100% refund.
 In addition to a money-back guarantee, we offer: 
  • 100% guarantee that the ingredients listed on the label are in the product
  • 100% guarantee of quality-controlled product formulations that ensure product safety, purity, reliability, and product performance
  • 100% guarantee that we use the finest quality ingredients available
When you pick Shaklee, you will know three things to be true. It is always safe. It always works. And it is always green.
Shaklee Muar : 012-994-4503
Shaklee Muar : 012-994-4503
Shaklee Muar : 012-994-4503

Shaklee Products Production Process
Shaklee Muar : 012-994-4503
1. Business Pass From Generation To Generation
  • 50 years track record in producing premium quality products and running business with high ethics and integrity.
  • No. 1 natural nutrition company in U.S.
  • Established Council for Responsible Nutrition in 1973, a trade association for dietary supplement manufacturers and suppliers in U.S.
  • Founding member of U.S. Direct Selling Association with the mission of ensuring its members companies conduct their marketing with the highest level of business ethics and service to customers.
  • Shaklee received the 2001 Vision for Tomorrow Award from the U.S. Direct Selling Association (DSA). Shaklee is the only MLM ever honoured with this Award twice.
  • Billionaire CEO promises to make Shaklee as #1 MLM company in the world in 10 years.
2. Quality of Products
  • 90 years of excellent in producing natural nutrition products.
  • Never sell harmful products.- Strict compliance with local authorities guidelines.
  • All products have gone through stringent scientific tests.
  • 100% guarantee does not contain: synthetic colouring, flavouring, preservatives, harmful chemicals.
  • Invested more than USD250 million in product development and clinical tests.
  • More-than-150 PhDs and scientists in its research centre.
3. Guaranteed Ingredients
  • The ingredients are obtained from organically planted crops, stringent controls with no pesticides, artificial fertilizer, and chemical growing agent.
  • Clean water irrigation of all crops.
  • Carefully managed clean air environment.
  • Each ingredient is tested for 176 times to detect various harmful chemical substance e.g. pesticide, arsenic, lead, mercury and dissolved organic residue.
4. Production Quality
  • insist on ingredient with the highest standard of quality, purity and efficacy.
  • Product development backed by science.
  • 100% ingredient guarantee. »
  • 2 giant pharmaceutical grade manufacturing plants at Norman, Oklahoma, approximately 900,000
  • Square metres
  • Combination of the East and West ·herbal medicine and modern day’s nutrition immunology, extracts the plants’ essence, stabilise, preserve and produce concentrate vitamin tablets.
  • Combine with world class technology with the investment of USD500 million.
 5. Model Enterprise ln Environment Protection
  • Our products are made of natural ingredients, emphasise on environment protection, practise recycling, print on recycled paper, solar energy, work from home for employees who stay far from office, encourage the use of public transportation.
  • Invested USD65 million in constructing Headquarter with state of the art technology, honoured for Energy saving/Environment initiatives design award. ln 2000, the Company was awarded Climate Neutral Certification.
6. Founding Principals
  • The golden rule of Dr Shaklee when establishing Shaklee Corporation:
“Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you” and “ln Harmony with Nature”
  • These 2 golden rules are still in practise until today. We uphold these golden rules in product development, just like 50 years ago.
7. Shaklee Cares
  • Backed by the principal of “giving back to the society”, Shaklee Cares has contributed to individuals, organisations millions of volunteering hours, donated  P millions U.S. dollars of cash, dietary supplements, personal care products, air purifier to victims of disasters.
  • Established as a publicly supported non-profit organisation, Shaklee Cares helps people directly affected by natural disasters and emergencies.
  • Supports various public health care cases, promotes education, culture and arts activities
8. 100% Shaklee Guarantees
  • Guarantees products contain ingredients listed on the label.
  • Product formula passed quality tests to ensure safety, purity, potency and bioavailability.
  • Guarantee ingredients of the highest quality grade.
  • Combine with essence of nature; apply science technology to produce the product of excellent quality.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Untuk maklumat lanjut mengenai produk Shaklee, Tempahan serta pembelian produk shaklee, daftar keahlian Shaklee atau menjana pendapatan dari rumah, sila hubungi saya

Facebook : Norazlina Mohd Idris (DUNIA VITAMIN IRDINA)
Shaklee ID : 804347
Gmail :
Call / sms / whatsapp : 012-994-4503 @ 013-235-5858

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